Israela Hargil

Israela Hargil was born in Poland and immigrated to Israel in 1948.
She lived and studied on Kibbutz Ramat Johanan for ten years.
After her military service and the birth of their eldest daughter, the family moved to the States where Israela studied art at the Academy for Fine Arts in Chicago.
Upon their return to Israel, two younger daughters were born. Today, they have four grandsons and one granddaughter. They live in Ramat Gan, their home for many years.
Over the years, Israela has studied various fields of art in:
London: The Camden Art Center
Los Angeles: UCLA University
Tel Aviv: Artists House Workshops
New York: Art Students League
Israela works in her studio in Kfar Azar and frequently exhibits her work in solo and group exhibitions.

Solo Exhibitions
  • 2020EPILOGUEInvitationVideo
  • 2019Dr. Racheli Berger on three artists dealing with the Holocaust - Israela Hargil, Shulamit Levin, Michal Rovnertext 
  • 2019Exhibition and lecture in "Mofet" institute, Tel AvivInvitation 
  • 2019Traces and Signstext 
  • 2018Restraining the Wild Growth, Hhava gallery,HolontextVideo
  • 2018Lecture at Bar-Ilan University-Ramat GannposterVideo
  • 2016Rorschach Here & Now, Artists House, Tel AvivTextVideo
  • 2015It is all about House, Zezeze gallery, Tel AvivtextVideo
  • 2014Object/Subject, Hankin Gallery, HolonText Video
  • 2013Three Dimensional Drawing, Virtual Exhibitiontext 
  • 2011Cherries & Golden Butterflies, Theater Gallery, HolonTextVideo
  • 2010Following Photoerosion, Kaye Academic College Of Education, Beer ShebaProspectVideo
  • 2009Photoerosion II, Installation, Artists House, Tel AvivcatalogVideo
  • 2008Eva In Poland-Israela In Israel, Front Of Artists House, Tel AvivPosterVideo
  • 2007Photoerosion, Installation, Artists House Tel AvivCatalogVideo
  • 2006Air Roots, Hechal Htarbut, Petach TikvaPhotos+text 
  • 2005Emerges From The Frame, Meirov Art & Culture Center, Holonphotos 
  • 2004Installation In The Window, Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Avivphoto+text 
  • 2002Grid = Net? [2 Artists], Artists House, Tel AvivcatalogVideo
  • 1999Sea & Water View, Ali House, Ashkelonphotos 
  • 1997Embalmed Liquids, Artists House, Tel Avivphotos 
  • 1998The Grid, Education & Industry Center, Tel Avivtext 
  • 1995Ready Made Objects, Municipal Art Gallery, Raananaphotos 
  • 1994Rendezvous With Duchamp, Artists House, JerusalemCatalogtext
  • 1993Set Up Frames, Constant Sculpture Gallery, Ramat Ganprospect 
  • 1992Ready Mades, Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Avivphotos 
  • 1991Stone & Iron In Rhythm, Municipal Art Gallery, Netanyaphotos 
  • 1989Environmental Sculpture In The Wake Of The Tetrmites Ten Sculptures on 200 Sqm in HerzlIya MuseumCatalogVideo
  • 1987Stone & Wood Sculptures, Chelouch Gallery, Tel AvivPhoto  
  • 1984Sculptures [2 Artists], Joshua Gardens Art Pavilion, Tel AvivPhotos 
  • 1984Sculptures [2 Artists], Jerusalem Theater Gallery, JerusalemPhotoText
Group Exhibitions
  • 2017What has changed? 100 years to the "Fountain" of Marcel Duchamp, Ein-Hodphotos 
  • 2016Allegories of the Present, Artists House, Tel AvivPhoto 
  • 2014Hot Line, Center for the Arts Yerba Buena, San FranciscoMy Story 
  • 2014Denominator-Installation, Art Workshop, Yavnephoto 
  • 2013The Eye of the Blackbird, Artists House, Tel AvivPhoto 
  • 2011Selective Memory 2 – The Power of Symbols, RehovotPhotos 
  • 2010Common - Tova Osman Gallery Artists House, Tel Aviv Art Workshops, Yavnehphotos 
  • 2010Virtues of Memory, Art Museum Yad Vashem, JerusalemPhotos 
  • 2009Small Object not a Painting, Shoham Gallery, Tel AvivBlack Cross 
  • 2008Waste Sculptures, Park at The Lake, RaananaPhotos 
  • 2007Longing For Peace, Northern BorderPhotos 
  • 2005Relief of A Grid, Out Door Museum, Old Jaffa  
  • 2002Privet Property, Municipal Art Gallery, Kefar Savaphotos 
  • 2002Art On Wheels, Israeli Train Aslseviva, Opera House, Tel AvivPhotovase
  • 2001Art In Building Exhibition, Grounds Tel Avivtext+image 
  • 2000Milestones for Peace & Greeting of Peace International Traveling ExhibitsPhoto 
  • 2000Music In Color, Calture Hall, Rishon Lezaion Art for The Community, Givataimimages 
  • 1998Bread From Earth Installation In Earth, Youth Wing, Israel Museum, JerusalemPhotos 
  • 1998Ramet, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel AvivPhoto 
  • 1998The Israeli Woman 1948/1998, Municipality Art Gallery, RaananaPhotos 
  • 1997Wish TreesText 
  • 1996Past+Present=Collection Constant gallery Ramat-GanCuratorAroeti
  • 1996Shalom Haver, The Gallery, NetanyaPhoto 
  • 199675 To Naamat, Ariela House, Tel AvivPhoto 
  • 1994Given: Landscape X 4, The Third Sculpture Bianalle, Ein Hodphotos 
  • 1994Texture, Nofar Gallry, Tel Avivphotos 
  • 1994Sculptures, Kibbutz Farodphotos 
  • 1993Imaginary Home Reality, Many H. Gallery, Tel Avivtextphotos
  • 1992A Stone-A Touch, A Jewel Diamond Museum, Ramat GanInvitationimage
  • 1990Jaffas Slope, Two Sculptures, Old Jaffaimages 
  • 1990Installation, Ness HarimGATE & REFLECTION 
  • 1989Stone Sculptures, Hamigdal, Tel AvivPhotos 
  • 1987Model In Exhibition Tel Hai 87, Tel HaiPlan  
  • 1986Stone & Wood, Small Sculptures, Tawill Gallery, New YorkPhotos 
  • 1985In The Open, [4 Artists], The First Bianalle, National Park, Ramat GanPhoto  
  • 1983Stone Sculptures, Wilshaire Federal Building, Los AngelesPhotos 
  • 1982Stone Sculptures, Wilshaire Federal Building, Los Angeles  
  • 1981Large Ytong Sculpture, Out Door Art, Tel AvivPhoto 
Works On Permanent Display
  • Tel AvivThe Phoenix Collection, Two Sculpturesphotos 
  • Beit Berl'Split' Stone In J.Levinson's Memorial Hallphotos 
  • Pardes HanaThe Ytong Building, Ytong Sculpture, 3.0/2.35/1.5 Meterphotos 
  • Ramat GanThe Rose Garden 'Rock Flower', 2.0/2.0/2.0 MeterText 
  • Ramat GanNational Park 'The Gate To Nowhere', 2.2/1.6/0.25 Meterphotos 
  • Mitzpe RamonStone & Earth Sculpture, 2.7/1.6/1.6 MeterPhoto 
  • HolunStory Garden 'The Louse Nehama', 14/8.5/2.7 MeterInvitationVideo
  • Sdeh Boker25 Sculptures in Midreshet Ben Gurion Video
  • GvataimTheater Garden, Two Stone Sculptures, 2/1.5/1.2 Meterphotos 

Stone Sculptures In Privet Collections In Israel & Abroad